westportlogoYou have worked hard for your family and wealth. Why not take steps during your lifetime to protect and preserve them?

Westport Trust Company Limited can provide you with information about onshore and offshore Trusts in Bermuda as an option for protecting and preserving your assets. Our company will answer questions about what a Trust is, the advantages of a Trust and what you should expect if you decide to set up a Trust.

Regardless of the value of the assets to be safeguarded, establishing and administering a Trust is a responsibility of significant scope. So, after having managed Trusts for both individuals and corporations since its founding in 1992, Westport Trust Company Limited was incorporated in 2003 by the law firm of Trott & Duncan Limited to provide an entity dedicated solely to the formation and administration of Trusts.

Exceeding Expectations

The Bermuda Monetary Authority regulates and continually monitors the conduct of licensed Trustees (such as Westport Trust Company Limited) to ensure they are controlled by fit and proper persons, meet minimum net asset requirements, have adequate insurance, records, systems and controls and also that they carry out their business with integrity and skill.

The Trusts (Regulation of Trust Business) Act 2001 requires that any company providing Trustee services must have suitably qualified and experienced personnel as well as documented procedures to monitor and implement the legislation, which governs the conduct of Trust business in Bermuda.

Westport Trust Company Limited is committed to not merely meeting, but to surpassing these standards. Because of our association with Trott & Duncan Limited, we can offer specialised Trust-related legal services on an expedited basis. Further, our association with Trott & Duncan Limited’s affiliate company, Trocan Management Limited, enables us to ptovide direct and efficient corporate secretarial services.

Westport Trust Company Limited is able to offer you or your company comprehensive and personalized Trust services including but not limited to:

  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Fixed Income Trusts
  • Purpose Trusts
  • Pension and Employee Benefits Trusts
  • Purpose Trusts
  • Commercial Trust Structures

Should you or your company require Trust services, we invite you to contact Westport Trust Company Limited for a comprehensive review of our capabilities and to experience the confidential and personalised way in which we will meet your every requirement.

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Westport Trust Company Limited is licensed to conduct Trust Business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.